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Thread Work

Different Techniques and Patterns

Step into a realm of timeless artistry as we unveil a mesmerizing collection of saree techniques, styles, and patterns. A tribute to the intricate craftsmanship that transforms threads into masterpieces, reflecting heritage and creativity. From the lush jungles depicted in Jangla weaves to the delicate lace-like allure of Cut Work, each saree narrates a unique story. Explore the regal charm of Shikargarh motifs and the luxurious shimmer of Tissue sarees. Experience the symphony of motifs in Butidar weaves and the intricate elegance of Jamdani. These sarees transcend mere fabric, embodying the essence of culture and style. Welcome to our curated gallery where sarees don't just drape, they unfold tales of artistry.


Jangla is a weaving technique that creates intricate, dense patterns resembling a jungle. It involves weaving small geometric or floral motifs across the saree's surface, giving it a rich and textured look. Jangla sarees are a testament to the skill of artisans who weave stories of nature's abundance into every thread.

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Shikargarh sarees are a tribute to royal hunting scenes. This technique involves weaving intricate designs of hunting scenes, animals, and flora. These detailed motifs showcase the craftsmanship of weavers, capturing the opulence and grandeur reminiscent of regal hunts.

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Cut Work (Phekwa)

Cut work, also known as Phekwa, is an exquisite technique where portions of the saree are cut out and then meticulously embellished. This creates a lace-like effect, adding an element of delicate beauty to the fabric, often enhancing its appeal at borders or pallus.

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Jamdani is an ancient weaving technique where small geometric or floral motifs are woven onto the fabric using a discontinuous weft technique. This creates an almost sheer, lightweight saree with intricate patterns. Jamdani sarees are a true work of art, requiring skill and patience from the weavers

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