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Enter a realm where the loom becomes a painter's brush, depicting lush jungles in intricate weaves. Jangla sarees are a tribute to nature's grandeur, where each motif tells a story of foliage and fauna.

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Golden Jangla SareeGolden Jangla Saree
Tulip Sale price$150.00 USD
Meenakari Jangla SareeMeenakari Jangla Saree
Marigold Sale price$150.00 USD
Banarasi Jangla SareeBanarasi Jangla Saree
Aqua Prakasa Sale price$170.00 USD
Pink Jangla SareePink Jangla Saree
Gulab Rang Sale price$170.00 USD
Beige Banarasi Saree | Serenity Sands Saree | SuvernaBeige Banarasi Saree | Serenity Sands Saree | Suverna
Serenity Sands Sale price$120.00 USD
Original Banarasi SareeOriginal Banarasi Saree
Azure Radiance Sale price$120.00 USD