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Draped in tradition and woven with skill, the Kanjivaram saree stands as a testament to the artistic legacy of South India. Crafted meticulously, each Kanjivaram is a masterpiece of silk, adorned with vibrant hues and intricate gold zari work. From weddings to celebrations, these sarees resonate with cultural splendor and are revered for their enduring grace.

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Orange Banarasi SareeOrange Banarasi Saree
Aruna Elegance Sale price$120.00 USD
Golden Jangla SareeGolden Jangla Saree
Tulip Sale price$150.00 USD
Peony Sale price$150.00 USD
Peach Kanjivaram SareePeach Kanjivaram Saree
Peach Blossom Sale price$120.00 USD
Brown Banarasi SareeBrown Banarasi Saree
Cocoa Symphony Sale price$150.00 USD
Cherry Banarasi SareeCherry Banarasi Saree
Crimson Cascade Sale price$120.00 USD
Verdant RoyaltyVerdant Royalty
Verdant Royalty Sale price$120.00 USD
Orange Kanjeevaram SareeOrange Kanjeevaram Saree
Saffron Serenity Sale price$120.00 USD
Shadowed EleganceShadowed Elegance
Shadowed Elegance Sale price$150.00 USD
Rosewood Kanjivaram SareeRosewood Kanjivaram Saree
Rosewood Fauna Sale price$120.00 USD
Kanjeevaram Silk SareesKanjeevaram Silk Sarees
Peach Serenity Sale price$120.00 USD